Purple Look Play

Purple Look Play was formed in the Spring of 2015 by it's founder:  Jay Banwell, and that would be me. The Purple Look Play trademark was filed with United States Patent and Trademark Office in the summer of 2015.  It is important to note that Purple Look Play as a name is a concept and under auspices of W. Jay Banwell and Royal 62 Records LLC.  The responsibility falls on me to make Purple Look Play happen.  I write music, play instruments, perform vocals and seek help through contracting fellow musicians, engineers and staff to make contributions.  Purple Look Play is not a group of permanent members currently playing together live, but is actually a studio project.  A number of musician's helped record The Mating Dance and At My Place projects.  New musicians were also added to contribute to the Boom project.  Never say 'never' as far as live performances go, but I have no way to gauge that possibility.     

Purple Look Play obtained it's name for a reason:  Purple is an important color representative of ambition, independence and creativity.  I am influenced by a wide range of musical genre: music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, Motown, Rhythm and Blues, Rock, Punk, Pop, Synth.....and Country.  Each Purple Look Play project has a different flavor; Purple Look Play is not constrained by style boundaries often dictated by a record companies.  Look is that 'lens' used when writing and recording music; I have a way I view the world and I put a personal stamp on music recorded by Purple Look Play.  Last and not least is the term Play.  I credit my sister for that word and idea, but in fact that is really what we do in Purple Look Play.  A vital part of making music is playing instruments and singing, but playing also encompasses having fun, and that, is the main reason we make music. 

Keep playin' !


Jay Banwell


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Jay Banwell

Jay Banwell became Involved in music at age 9; first instrument was trumpet.  "I became interested in music because of my parents; Mom played French horn and Dad played a mean trumpet.  At age 13 and while in junior high, I took a heavy interest in learning bass guitar.  I actually wrote my first song at age 12 and it was about my music teacher.  Also at that time I learned to use a piano.  During adolescence I once took a taxi to a guitar lesson and was lucky to make it back home. Through high school I played bass guitar in stage band and baritone in marching band.   The most popular rock band I played in growing up was The Cast of Players; Terry and TK Olson were in that band along with Rick Cowling - all very talented musicians.  The Cast of Players taught me how to sing.  I played in bands during college to include:  The Cast, New Movement, Jetstream, The Executives and Project S.  After college I concentrated more on recording music and did not play in bands.  After the mid-1990s, I took a full intermission from music for more than 10 years.  I got back into writing, playing and recording again in 2010; it has been a great pleasure, so, no more intermissions!"


Peter Moore

Peter Moore has had passion for writing songs since the age of four. He has composed interactive and programmatic music for videogame publishers such as Disney, Activision, MTV Games, React Entertainment among others.  Peter excels at and enjoys shifting stylistically between rock, pop, classical, alternative, experimental, ambient, whatever the game, film, or muse requires; whatever it inspires. He’s composed for productions by Blue Man Group and Sony Pictures, various theaters and indie films, as well as writing original songs for his innovative, genre-smashing rock bands Think Tree and Count Zero.  I have known Peter since he was 17 and was blown away by Peter's performance in Expressions, which is a high school talent show.  We played together in Jetstream and I recorded with Peter and sought his help writing music years ago.  It goes without saying that besides being a great pianist and keyboard player, Peter is a high quality vocalist and plays a number of other instruments.