From the recording The Mating Dance

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Miss Savanna Gold
Born in the field
South of St. Paul
She brings her yield
Every Fall
Works into school
Through natural time
Maps out the rules
Doesn’t lie

She’s unpretentious and always conscientious; Savanna Gold
Don’t be mistaken, she’ll never be forsaken I’m told
It’s not her aim to stake a name and be well known
And she won’t be digging for gold

She picks up fast
Raised on a claim
Her days are vast
Never tame
No painted face
Plain common sense
She sets us straight
No pretense


A pleasing sight
She’s well revered
Treats people right
Never feared
Lives above board
Though often fought
Stands with her Lord
Gives a lot


Jay Banwell
Copyright 2015 W. Jay Banwell Music (ASCAP)