From the recording The Mating Dance

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Don't Look Back
I can see your moxie hit the wall
Living with four-letter words
First it’s love then it’s hate
You’re on time but you wait
Lose your nerves

Ninety-five keeps you awake at night
Your candles grinding to burn
Punch the clock every day
Sons of Sam take your pay
It’s absurd

Change of plans, pack your bags, and walk away

Don’t look back, stay the course
You are making
Don’t look back, set your sights
On the right things
Don’t go back, you’re alright
Keep believing
Don’t look back
There’s no going back

Friends and patrons come to lift you up
They’ll take away any doubt
We’ve all been there before
You have goodness in store
Bring it out

Start anew, keep it true, and find the way
Straight ahead, unafraid, such (it’s) a bright day


Jay Banwell
Copyright 2015 W. Jay Banwell Music (ASCAP)