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Rockport Air Express is a song about that much needed vacation we all need; there is no sense in allowing life to become stale. This song has a punchy guitar riff and features Thomas Niedermayer on vocals along with Taylor Bourque on drums.


BPM – 110 Words & Music: W. Jay Banwell
Rockport Air Express

Take your seat – Rockport Air Express
Fasten up – Safety at it’s best
Ease on back – We’ll do all the rest
Rockport Air Express

1st Verse (getting away from a boring job and heading to a new adventure)
Same old coat and tie; boredom multiplies (10)
Southern Star’s calling; golden thighs (8)
You have had your fill; time to move on out (10)
Charcoal’s heating up; soft-mouth trout (8)
Punch that card you’ve worked (so) hard; it’s high time to go

2nd Verse (about a relationship that is no longer fun and a desire to move onto something else)
She turns off the light; you can’t reignite
Ocean wind walks in; cranes take flight
You don’t want to stay; what stands in your way
Texas Tea’s chilling; Fulton Bay
Chase the beauty and charm; it’s God’s gift to live


3rd Verse (breaking away from pressures of friends and parents and having a chance to get out on your own)
Friday night appears; pressure from your peers
Big Tree’s watching you; Live Oak beer
Father gives advice; now you’re thinking twice
Hummingbirds dancing; Jack on ice
Leave your worries behind; it’s now time to board