1. Another Girl

From the recording The Mating Dance

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Another Girl
It’s early Monday morning
The sun is taking just a (it’s first) peak
There’s a pretty girl sitting on a bench
Waiting for the bus on Shy Street
Several cars speed past
And make the girl feel like
Her life is moving way too fast
And it isn’t right

Would it be another drawn out day
At the office behind a boring grey desk

She rushes in at half past eight
And hears those (cold) old familiar words
“You’re late, you’re late, you’re late.”
That was all that she heard
It seems the only friend she had
Was a warm cup of coffee
But she spilled it on her lap
When she peers above her glasses
Her boss is staring at the mess

Then he asks her for the paper
And says “you need to clean your dress”

She’s been (She is) waiting for the right man to arrive
(But) the calendar’s changing and the hope keeps passing by
It’s (so) hard to cope in such a lonely world
And she feels like just another girl

Now several days have passed
And nothing much has changed
It’s another Monday morning
And another girl sits on the bench
In the rain
Then a man (steps) walks round the corner
And he’s walking toward the bench
His eyes are making contact
Another girl does not flinch
He offers his umbrella and kind words
Together they board the same bus

And they sit in the same seat
A conversation, then the rain; it stops


Jay Banwell, arrangements; Peter Moore
Copyright 2015 W. Jay Banwell Music (ASCAP) and Pineapple Pond Publishing (ASCAP)