1. Black Boots

From the recording The Mating Dance

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Black Boots
My eyes zoomed in on your facade
I was scoping out the rarities
Chocolate-brown colored pies with licorice-black hair
(And) skin like Chai Tea
Against advice, I sought out to meet you
The warning flags burned a fire
Yet I was cursed and blinded by desire

All I could see was your Black Boots
You mesmerized me with Black Boots

Your personality was ill
It was tortured by a life of abuse
Ticking sumptuously on the shopping sprees
You blew too much money
As I was told, you had sexual confusion
The stories walked up and faced me
You led companions in full complicity

I recognized your true Black Boots
You can’t disguise evil Black Boots

I kept my head as you misled
You were living in a book of deceit
Pounding tales in my skin using toxic nails
Smoking guns in your bed-sheets
I built a plan, for subtle departure
The doctor had a prognosis
I’d exit pain and travel home to bliss

You told me lies in those Black Boots
(And) I said good-bye to your Black Boots

Jay Banwell
Copyright 2015 W. Jay Banwell Music (ASCAP)