1. A Night Out

From the recording The Mating Dance

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A Night Out
Have you heard the rumors I can’t walk ?
We lay round your bedroom and just talk
I’ve begged you to come out and watch us play
You quickly shake your head and say, “not today, not today.”

The storm of excuses makes (brings) a flood
I tread to keep from sinking in your mud
My groove is waning as I’m trapped inside
When Mother calls my number, I can’t lie, I won’t lie

There’s no time for
Seein’ my friends, parents or
A Night Out to absorb the sound
There is no time just to move around

It feels surreal in my own hive
The freedom to wonder so alive
My Father’s happy when he sees I’m back
He knows where we’ve been movin’, in the sack (rack), in your shack


Jay Banwell
Copyright 2015 W. Jay Banwell Music (ASCAP)