From the recordings Boom and Wish for the Moon

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Wish for the Moon is a song about the choice to just wish for a goal or to truly work for and earn that goal. It has sounds reminiscent of songs from the 60s. This song features Jay Banwell on vocals, organ and guitars and Jake Naugle on drums.


BPM-122 Words & Music: W. Jay Banwell
July 2016
Wish for the Moon

1st Verse
Wish for the Moon (4)
And see what you get (5)
You soon will regret (5)
Not having much (4)

2nd Verse
Blast-off to Mars
And find what is there
I’m sure you will stare
Back at the Earth

Wish for the Moon
Performance is key
To what you’ll achieve
Wish for the Moon
Make sure to be true
In all that you do
opt. It’s all up to you

3rd Verse
Look at the Stars
And pick one to name
I’ll bet that it’s claimed
By someone else

Guitar Solo

4th Verse
Pray to the Sun
And welcome the light
Make sure to keep sight
Of who you are


Wish for the Moon
And see what you get……..