From the recordings Boom and Warmth of Summertime

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Warmth of Summertime is a love song with Motown influences. The lyrics have humor but at the same time the main character in the song wants to have a serious relationship but at the right time. Jay Banwell provides lead vocals during verses and James Jenkins provides lead vocal during chorus.


BPM – 78 Words & Music: W. Jay Banwell


Warmth of Summertime

1st Verse (autumn)
Colors changing; leaves are falling from the trees (11)
As I walk home (As I’m walking); she blows past me with the breeze (11)
Flowers no longer are blooming, good bye (10)

2nd Verse (winter)
Cold winds howling; snow is turning into sleet
When I notice; she has fallen in the street
As I’m leaning down to help her, I laugh
She throws me a look so frosty, but why ? (bye bye)

Don’t hurry (worry), we’ll be alright
I know where you’re going but nothing is growing
There is no reason to doubt
I’ll see you soon; I’m right here in June
I look forward to the Warmth of Summertime


3rd Verse (spring)
Snowdrops talking; honey bees are zooming in
Then her message; telling me what could-have-been
April’s just a bit too early; relax
Tulips still are breaking open; we’re fine