1. Red Bel Air

From the recordings Boom and Red Bel Air

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Red Bel Air is a fun song about a great car and a person driving it who has a sense of adventure and enjoys the challenges of life. This song has an old style catchy guitar riff and features Tom Ficke on lead vocal. Jay Banwell helps on guitars and back-up vocals.


BPM=123 Words & Music: W. Jay Banwell 11APR20

Red Bel Air

1st Verse
She’s cherry red; powered by a 283
I trimmed her gold; my shifter is a three in the tree
(There’s) Not a ride in town that can keep up with me
I beat (the) Shelbies, 300s and neighbor’s Grand Prix
Tell me why it is that you swear
at my Red Bel Air

2nd Verse
I see Connie; catch her dating my best friend
I punch the gas; take off to the top of the bend
She asked me for a lift at a quarter til 10
I spin my wheels and tell her not to ring (call) me again
Tell me why it is that you care
for my Red Bel Air
I don’t see a reason to share
my Red Bel Air


3rd Verse
Falcon Eddie; notice him looking my way
Bagging groceries; the checker and I hear him say
I used to race your Bel Air back in the day
All that ended when I rear-ended the local DA
Now I know the reason you stare
at my Red Bel Air
There is not a rod that compares
to my Red Bel Air
I think I’ll be running for mayor
in my Red Bel Air

My Red Bel Air