From the recordings Boom and When I Get My Way

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When I Get My Way is a song about bringing people together and holding leaders to account. It features Daryl Myers on lead vocal and has blues and folk influences.


BPM-127 Words & Music: W. Jay Banwell

When I Get My Way

That is why I’ll never try all your nonsense (12)
(I am so much better today) (8) – when I get my way (5)

1st Verse
When I get my way; neighbors get along
People come together to be strong
Standing up for what is right
Knowing what is wrong

2nd Verse
When I get my way; no one gets a pass
Puppets won’t short change the working class
Taxes won’t be thrown to waste
Savings rise en masse



3rd Verse
When I get my way; futures turn out bright (10)
We call all the shots for what is right (9)
Disagreement won’t exist (7)
No need for a fight (5)