1. Boom

From the recordings Boom and Boom

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Boom has sounds influenced from Motown and the economic and industrial boom of the 1950s. It is a song about a very competitive America that works through issues, continues to accomplish great feats and wants to be atop the mountain.



Overview: song is about the boom in the 50s in America and the importance of balancing out success; the lyric also relates to America’s positives current day. Overall, America is at the top, but she still and always will have her challenges.

1st Verse
Boom – her babies keep coming so we’ve got to get them into the groove (16)
(If) When there’s division she’ll adjust with more precision (13) as we know there’s always something to prove (10)

2nd Verse
Boom – she’s got the big shooters from the dollars that have come with success (16)
She presses steel that the enemies will feel (13) when her troops arrive to clean up a mess (10)

(Those growing pains); they can hurt

Boom – she’ll lead us to the top
Boom - she’s never gonna stop


3rd Verse
Boom – her tractors keep pulling as the golden wheat waves to the sun (16)
We’ll build the rockets using change in people’s pockets (13) thru technology that’s second to none (10)

4th Verse
Boom - she lives atop mountains as the country-side and big cities grow (16)
She cures diseases mixing remedies with Jesus (13) drinking java as her hot lava flows (10) and flows


Boom – she’ll lead us to the top
Boom - she’s never gonna stop

Boom – don’t stand in mother’s way
Boom – she’ll push you every day