From the recording At My Place

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You’re Off My Mind
Where are you goin’ and where have you been ?
Those questions I’d ask you if I cared
How’s your new romance and what did you win ?
Where is the affair that we shared ?

You don’t (won’t) hear, my heart’s song, anymore
So don’t come knockin’ on my door (So don’t be waiting at the door)

You’re off my mind tonight
What used to be wrong is right
You’re off my mind tonight
You’re off my mind tonight

Love seems to always end but, what do you know ?
I tried out everything I could
You think my heart will bend but, that isn’t so
You wouldn’t give a damn if it would

College life is bright cause, there’s so much to choose
The girls are spread throughout the town
No need to wait because, there’s nothing to lose
Another one’s comin’ to lay me down

Good-bye baby, it’s been nice, maybe another time
It seems I’ve got better things to do
I’m back on the phone, won’t think twice, just give me the sign
(And) I won’t be comin’ back for you

Jay Banwell
Copyright 2015 W. Jay Banwell Music (ASCAP)