From the recording At My Place

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I Really Only Want to Know Your Name

Your pride was denied at the alter
The cake never made it to the dance
The preacher didn’t want to see it falter
But that’s chance

I don’t just laugh for any reason
I’m not one to make you take a fall
I’m not going to worry bout pleasin’
It’s your call

I know it doesn’t feel the same
No one wants to feel the pain
It doesn’t help when you complain
Since I’m not gonna change
And I know why you came

I really Only Want to Know Your Name

I’m not gonna hide imperfections
You’re standing there looking in the mirror
It’s not good to dwell on bad reflections
While I’m here

Alone at my home and you’re near me
But your head is running for the street
There is no reason that you should fear me
(So) Let’s make some heat

Jay Banwell
Copyright 2015 W. Jay Banwell Music (ASCAP)