1. Dedication

From the recording At My Place

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I tripped over curbs trying to chase your skirt
Just to find out you’re a flurtageous flirt
It’s alright to tease, but please
Please don’t embarrass me

Lately our chemistry has been really weak
And that’s no surprise since we hardly speak
The lies that you’ve told, so cold
But you’re still mining gold

Don’t play me as pawn, when I can move on

You and me are the wrong combination
This isn’t the right situation
You give (me) no indications of dedication

We can’t be a pair because there ain’t no trust
Your two-timing heart is a total bust
I smelled the cologne; not my own
And then I heard you moan

What I can foresee, it’s time to break free

Jay Banwell
Copyright 2015 W. Jay Banwell Music (ASCAP)