From the recordings Boom and Give Em Hell Harry

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Give Em Hell Harry is about President Harry Truman, a great president during a challenging time in American History. It has a catchy old style guitar riff and features Tom Ficke on lead vocal.


BPM-130 Words & Music: W. Jay Banwell 17APR2020
Give Em Hell Harry

1st Verse
You grew up tough through the grassroots (8)
A product of working class (7)
Reading (quotes) notes while plowing corn rows (8)
Served your country lobbing (throwing) brass (7)
2nd Verse
Never wearing (backing) down from tension
Staring protest (problems/issues) in the face
You kept gangsters in detention
Keeping (Kept the) pledges to your base

(But) (no) You won’t please everyone (6)

Give Em Hell; don’t give in – Harry (replace with guitar melody)
You’ll succeed (You’ll do well); when we win – Harry, (replace with guitar melody) Harry


3rd Verse
You’ve got strength to beat temptation
Drinking whiskey in small sips
Keep the focus on our nation
Make the best of partnerships

4th Verse
You’ve got allies inside NATO
There are children on your mind
(Keeping) Staying fit to shake the deathblows
Dropping bombs to save mankind